"We were not supposed to leave. We have to go back [to the island]!"

-Jack Shepard

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Madagasikara! ...Again!

Those of you who have followed the general course of my life over the past 7 years or so know that I have spent a disproportionate amount of time on islands (disproportionate to the average person at least), particularly islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Those of you who know me well are also familiar with my lifelong desire to live in Sub-Saharan Africa. My draw to both of these areas culminated when I was able to spend two field seasons working as a field assistant to the brilliant almost-Dr. Sarah Zohdy (who better be reading this blog because she’s probably the only person who’s going to understand some of the references I make) in Ranomafana, Madagascar, studying wild brown mouse lemurs. I absolutely fell in love with this island and have felt an overpowering desire to return ever since I left…which really wasn’t all that long ago…but that’s not the point. For those of you who are Lost fans, I will use yet another Jack quote to describe my feelings of longing and despair after leaving in December, “Every Friday night I fly from LA to Tokyo or Singapore or Sydney, and then I get off, and I have a drink, and then I fly home. Because I want it to crash…Every little bump we hit or turbulence – I actually close my eyes and I pray that I can get back.”

Obviously this quote should not be taken literally because there are few things in this world that I hate more than flying. Anywho, through an incredible amount of work on my part and a CRAPload of luck, I’ve somehow managed to land myself a Peace Corps invitation to serve as a TEFL teacher in Madagascar from July 19, 2010 – Sept. 11, 2012. And that is the [extremely abridged] background to my story.

Tonga Soa, Bienvenue, and Welcome to my Peace Corps blog!

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